Monday, October 6, 2014

Thing #39: Explore!

If I had unlimited resources, I would travel the world (with someone who spoke multiple languages, of course). I love exploring new sites, sounds, tastes . . 
. .
Yet, even as I say that, I have to admit that’s not the way I live. I tend to spend a great deal of my free time at home, watching television, reading, doing chores. The chores are necessary, I suppose, but the TV watching certainly is not.

One of my through-the-window shots of  aspen-covered hills.
My hubby and I recently took a road trip, 900 miles to attend our niece’s wedding. I had so much fun, riding shot gun, reading trivia questions for Doug, shooting photos out the window. It helps that we were driving through the Colorado Rockies at the peak of aspen season, that time of year when the trees turn brilliant gold.

It reminded me of how much is out there to see. So I determined, somewhere on I-70, that I would get out more, see and experience what is in my beautiful back yard.

Thankfully, I have an adventurous friend, Carol. She and I have decided to visit every castle in Colorado. It started when she invited me out for a day of fun last summer. She’s good at instigating things with this homebody. She had a hike in mind, up in Denver. The hike took us to the ruins of a castle and somewhere along the way we decided to visit all the other castles we could get to (some aren’t open to the public). So far, we have checked four off our list. We always have a blast, more because we enjoy each other’s company, but the exploring part is fun, too.

I encourage you to explore your world. There may be a museum in your town that you’ve never visited. Maybe a natural wonder that is a few hours away. Do whatever fits your budget. 

Get out! 



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