Monday, March 19, 2012

It Was a Difficult Week

I hope you’ve read the classic children’s book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. I hope you’ve read it mostly because it’s a tremendous book. But I also hope you’ve read it because it will make you appreciate the kind of week I had.

On Monday, Abby and I were rear ended in the van. It was the other driver’s fault, but the other driver was not going to drive our van to the body shop for estimates. I would have to do that. And when would I find time to do that? I could tell it was going to be a difficult week.

The next day my neck hurt when I turned my head to the left.

Then, on Wednesday, I parked the car downtown. I didn’t know it, but someone went all Rocky on our bumper. My husband discovered the damage the next day. Nobody left a note. Nobody took responsibility. We’d have to pay for the repairs. I could tell it was going to be a difficult week. I think I’ll move to San Diego.

On Saturday, the transmission in the van went out. We couldn’t drive in reverse. Not only would I have to take the van to a body shop for an estimate but now I’d have to take it to the mechanic for repairs. And find another way to get around. I wonder if I could find a way to get to San Diego.

On Sunday the furnace freaked out. It blew cold air. And the fan ran on and on. We turned it off. The house got cold. I bet it’s not cold in San Diego.

The next Monday I drove the van to the body shop for an estimate. On the way there I couldn’t go faster than 30 mph. The transmission was getting worse. I decided not to drive the van to San Diego.

Then my cell phone died. Not ran-out-of-battery-died, but dead died. It really isn’t too surprising. It was practically an antique. But still. I was without a phone. And I’m pretty sure I gave my upgrade to one of my offspring.

This all came at a time when our bank account showed the effects of helping two daughters pay for college. The next few months are likely to be the “tightest” we’ve faced in a long time. So why did God choose this week to have both vehicles damaged, the transmission fail in the van, the furnace die, and my cell phone give out? It seemed like an obvious question. Even for someone in San Diego.

I told my pastor about our string of unfortunate events. He said he was sorry it had been a difficult week. He said I should trust God. He said God was working for my good and His glory. Hmm, not a “poor Becky” in there anywhere. So I decided to trust God.

My friend Randy loaned me his car. His new car. A cute little Mazda stick shift. I had great fun driving it around for a few days. And I realized I had wonderful friends that were willing to trust me with valuable possessions and inconvenience themselves for my benefit. Randy’s Mazda gave us a way to get around while the van was in the shop.

The transmission in the van had been replaced a year ago so it was still under warrantee. It’s now repaired at no cost to us.

The furnace repair man came and flipped a small red switch hidden inside the furnace. We paid only $85. The house was soon as toasty as San Diego.

The other day, as Doug drove home from work, a man pulled up next to him and motioned for him to roll down his window.

“I can pull those dents out for you,” he said. He suggested he and Doug pull into a parking lot to talk. “Most body shops will tell you to replace the entire bumper or the entire side panel,” he said. And he’s right. That’s what we’d been told. “I’ll pull out those dents and you’ll just have a little scratch in the paint.” Doug got his number. We plan to give him a call and see what he can do.

Then, a couple nights ago, I went to the AT&T store. I didn’t have an upgrade on my phone But Doug did. So I used his upgrade and got a groovy new phone with a full keyboard. Only $20 after rebate.

How ‘bout that? My good and God’s glory. And I didn’t even have to move to San Diego.